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Ours is an era of new thrust in education. It has brought the world closer.

Education has got a new meaning. It is now not confined to books and classrooms only. Instead a simple click on the mouse is able to open a vast world of information before our eyes. There is a mad race for excellence in every field and that has resulted in cut throat competition. Education has in fact, ecome global.

The educational scenario in the state is also on the fast track. New courses are coming up in college and the Universitiess. Students of Bihar have displayed their merits at national and international levels, I call up on my students to come forward and show their mattle. Our student’s are second and they have immense potential to fathow the new denths knewledge would which leads to geowth & development.

J.N.L. college khagaul is not untouched by the new thrust in education.

There are ample opportunities for students to translate their dreams into reality.

College is poised on the brief of a new dawn and I am sure it will creat a niche in

the field of education. My staff and students ! I share with you hopes and

aspirations and assure You of the best.







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