Discipline is the basic ‘Mantra’ of success in life. It adds beauty to one’s personality and makes him endearing to all. Discipline is also the key to development. Discipline is a word with manifold meaning. It is not merely the obedience to rules and regulations precribed by the court of law, instead, it is the right  way of leaving no room for discomfort to others. The great statesman and the first Prime Minister of our country Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru once said – “What above everything else we want is a generation of uninterrupted peace”. Here the word ‘peace’ meant a state of life/mind based on mutual understanding, goodwill and discipline.

Discipline is the attribute that makes a man superior to other animals. It is an inner command that pushes man on the right path. A huge army of soldiers unhesitatingly moves in the war field to embrace death at the order of the order of the commander. Hundreds of students follow the dictate of their teacher in a classroom or examination hall and behave properly. These are all under the impact of discipline. Discipline has also spiritual connotation. All the scriptures favour the state of equipoise. A balanced mind  is essential in every walk of life.

Back home, discipline is essential in day to day life too. In an unorganized family, institution, society and country, fruits of success cannot be reaped properly.

Even in the playground, discipline plays a vital role in maintaining the sanctity of games. The moment any act of indiscipline comes in  the way, whole game goes out of gear and is labeled as unfair.

Discipline is thus the jewel of one’s personality. It is the unfailing ‘Mantra’ of success. To the students in particular, discipline guides them to success and help them get their career dream to be realized and their aspirations to be fulfilled.The staff of  college should inculcate this quality in them so that work-culture of the college can change,which may in turn lead to growth and development.

Brief History


Jagat.Narain.Lal College Khagaul's foundation at the present place  was laid down in 1959. However, it was established in1960..It was taken over by Magadh University ,Bodh-Gaya in 1980 as its third phase constituent unit. It is situated in remote sub-urban area of Khagaul,a Nagar Parishad in Patna,a capital  of Bihar. It is very near to National Highway-98 and other easy road connectivity can be found in front of it.  It is only about 1 Km from Danapur railway station,Danapur. Patna AIIMS is hardly 1.5 kilometers from our College. And Jay Prakash Narayan International airport is about 4 Kms.The college has a campus of approx. five acres with lush green plants some of which are of rare species..It  includes five laboratories, ten general classrooms, five tutorial classrooms and general library having more than 10,000 books. Separate building for Science, Arts and administrative block. In the college campus there is a large playground. The college had an average strength of 2500 students in a session with altogether 23 teachers on roll of college against 32 sanctioned strength. It has a fair record of imparting quality education to the village youths mostly coming from dormant, deprived and downtrodden sections of the society. It is a fact to be reckoned with that wards of minority and poor-low income group people of the area ,who constitute the student base of  the rural college. It is wards of poor minority and girls in particular, who feed this college. Undoubtedly, it is the rural colleges which are the source of educational enlistment for majority of youth force of the nation.

The semi-urban college has remained neglected so far, in getting assistance for introducing and maintaining skill oriented courses for its poor students while pursuing undergraduate programmes. This inequality in the access to the education has slowed down the implementation of welfare policies aimed at improving the realities of life. This also diminishes student's craze for such colleges. Thanks to the U.G..C,. which added a feather by providing assistance for introducing and maintaining the regular courses in this college under 11th and 12th five Year Plan and providing assistance for introducing add-on course in “Advance Diploma in Computer Applications” in XI and XII five Year Plan. The college has all potential to grow. Its performance in the past encourages us to make endeavour for thr brighter days ahead and we can hope and trust that it can match with any college provided financial assistance for its proper development by U.G.C and Bihar Government or by any other funding agency. is provided on time.


We also aspire to introduce some purposeful add-on courses, for the benefit of local populace as it may open an opportunity for our students to earn while you learn concept..For this purpose we have applied to U.G.C in 2012 and hope that we get some of the relevant and useful courses.We are also trying hard to upgrade some of the courses as/at Postgraduate level ,while have also applied for introduction of  B.Com.(Hons.)/Commerce Faculty under the self finance scheme in the college to cater the local needs.